Their Food Web

    In a bald eagles food web the main producers are aquatic plants, and different varieties of grass. Aquatic plants are then eaten by small fish. The grass is eaten by insects and mice, the mice also eats the insects. the frog also eats the insects and small fish. then there are other larger fish that eat the smaller fish. Then the mice, frogs, and large fish are all eaten small birds like sparrows, ducks and cranes. the mice and frog are also eaten by the snake. and then at the top the bald eagle and some other raptors consume snakes, cranes, ducks, smaller birds, mice, and primarily large fish.


    In the bald eagle's ecosystem they compete with cranes, ducks and other birds of prey over their favorite food the salmon. But since the duck and crane are also eaten by the bald eagle the main problem is other raptors. Bald eagles often steal food from other bald eagles and will even eat a dead animal it finds one. If another bird of prey much like the bald eagle was introduced to the ecosystem, first of all there would be more competition for food because of more birds. Then the fish population would decrease due to more predators forcing the 2 birds to look for other food sources and cause the entire ecosystems population to decrease.