The Beak and Talons

    A bald eagle's beak and talons are used to tear apart large fish and animals into bite-size pieces, because they don't chew their own food. When a bald eagle catches a meal the eagle uses its talons to carry its meal to a safe place to eat. On a bald eagle's foot there are 4 talons that are long and sharp for grasping prey, the talons also have very rough skin like sandpaper so it can easily keep a hold on fish.

Wings and Feathers

    A male bald eagle has a average wingspan of 6.5ft and 7.5 for a female. with these long wings, hollow bones and a streamlined body, it allows the bald eagle to achieve speeds of up to 65mph and much over 100mph in a steep dive. A bald eagle's feathers allows the bald eagle to fly smoothly. Feathers also act as a insulator to keep the bald eagle  warm when it's cold. But feathers will not keep the eagle warm when they are wet so they have glands at the base of their tail that make a oil that keeps water from soaking into the eagles feathers. Many birds including the bald eagle preen. Preening is when a bird grooms its feathers, removes dirt and spreads the oil all over the birds body. Bald eagles often preen for hours to get their feathers streamlined perfectly.